Музыкальный абсолютный слух
Musical absolute pitch

Absolute Pitch

- is a rare and valuable musical ability. The Absolute Pitch allows to hear the musical quality of any sound and tonality immediately, to realize modulation easily, to sol-fa fluently and to shorthand the musical dictations. It also quickens the development of the harmonic hearing, enlarges the volume of the musical memory, it facilitates the mastery of musical notation and learning music. The Absolute Pitch promotes the achievement of high creative results in the combination with interval, selective, functional and the other components of the musical hearing. For the first time in Russian and world music psychology the scientific explanation of the phenomenon of absolute hearing is given. It allowed to develop an effective way of formation and development of the considered innate musical ability.

Now the Absolute Pitch is not a privilege of the chosen ones, but a mandatory component of professional hearing of a musician!